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Guide to Coffee provides information on everything there is to know about coffee, different styles of coffee, machines, espresso, drinks and more. 

Where Coffee Drinks Get Their Names

Let's clear up all the confusion! Sometimes it seems like you need to learn the 'coffee' language to know what you are ordering. Understanding where coffee drinks get their names can assist in explaining the different drinks.

Many of the terms have their origins from the Italian language. This article takes a look at 11 common espresso based drinks to help you understand the differences. The infographic below has been provided by the folks at EspressoWorks and provides an excellent bit of history and information. 

Take a look, see if your favourite order is there! Now you can finally get to the bottom of the difference between Espresso and Ristretto, Latte and Macchiato! We'd be keen to hear if you have tried a new drink after learning a bit more and what you thought, let us know in the comments.