Introduction to Espresso Machines | Comparing Cappucino & Coffee Machine Types

​Guide to Espresso Coffee Machines explains the difference between heat exchange, thermoblock, single and double boiler coffee machines and what will suit your needs best

Introduction to Espresso Machines

When it comes to espresso & cappuccino machines, you may have seen or heard the terms dual boiler, heat exchanger, Thermoblock or single boiler being used - but what on earth do they mean? Perhaps you just need information on your search for a new machine. In this series we take a look at what styles of espresso machines are available and the pros and cons between them all!

The basis of creating a good espresso is of course a precisely heated supply of water to brew with while also needing a way of creating steam to prepare those delicious milky beverages. The consistency at which the different boiler types get this and at which price points can vary greatly. Take a look through each of the styles of espresso machines to learn about the differences and which may work best for you.