Milk Based Coffee Drinks | Comparing differences between Latte, Cappucino & Flat Whites

Your guide to the different styles of milk based coffee drinks, cappuccino, caffe latte and flat whites.

Milk Based Espresso Drinks.png


Cappucino can be recognised often by the quantity of foam served on top of the drink. When the milk is being stretched (steamed) the barista will incorporate a greater amount of air into the milk, this in turn creates a greater quantity of foam. A cappuccino will generally be served to the following proportions:

  • 1/3 Espresso

  • 1/3 Steamed Milk

  • 1/3 Froth




A latte is also a milk based drink, how these are served can vary depending on the interpretation of the coffee house you are at. The general rule of thumb with these is that they will be served with espresso, steamed milk and around 1cm of milk froth will settle on top. A skilled barista that can generate micro foam when stretching the milk will often present your drink with some artistic latte art on top. Yum!


Flat White

A flat white will be served many different ways and often resembles a latte. The aim of a flat white is generally to serve an espresso based drink, with un-texturised milk. This is milk that has not had air incorporated into it while being stretched. So will in most cases be espresso and steamed milk, little or no froth.

Cafe Mocha

A delicious combination of rich chocolate flavour and bold coffee that provides a sweet, indulgent treat! The best Mocha's will use a dark drinking chocolate mixed with perfectly brewed espresso, gently stirred to combine then served with Latte style steamed milk. The use of a dark chocolate powder ensures that the drink  will not be overly sweet compared to a milk chocolate or syrup. Best enjoyed on a cool winters day, it's the perfect mix between a coffee and a hot chocolate. For extra indulgence serve topped with whipped cream.