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Macchiato - The Long and Short of It

The Espresso Macchiato is a drink for the coffee lover. In this post we look into the difference between long and short macchiato's. The term Macchiato originates from Italy and means'marked' or 'stained'. So how does this relate to your coffee? Well a macchiato is traditionally a shot of espresso coffee with just a dash of steamed milk, served in a demitasse glass. This is where we get the meaning of 'stained', as the quantity of milk is just enough to stain the colour of the black coffee.

So in understanding what makes up a macchiato, it's time to look at what the terms Short and Long Macchiato mean. The definitions here are generally a guide, as cultural influences around the world will mean that this drink could be served in different variations, however the general rule should still apply.

A short macchiato is simply the drink described above, short referring to the fact that there is a small quantity of coffee in the way of a single shot of espresso.

Image Courtesy of  ToniFish

Image Courtesy of ToniFish

A long macchiato will be made with more espresso, this could be a double espresso rather than a single. The words short and long refer just to the quantity of liquid you will be served.

Either a short or long macchiato would be worth a try for a coffee drinker who enjoys strong, full bodied flavours however is not a big fan of the strength of straight espresso. So next time you're at your favourite coffee shop if you are looking for something new, strong and different to try give a short of long macchiato a try!