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Tonx hits Australia!

EDIT 6 November 2014: Tonx has now joined forces with Blue Bottle Coffee, and has changed it's name. The rest of the information included within this post is correct and they still offer the same great subscription service.

How does great coffee, carefully sourced, expertly roasted & delivered straight to your door sound? Pretty good right! Well let me introduce you to Tonx - a coffee subscription service that has previously been limited to our friends in the US and Canada.

I have known about Tonx for some time now, and upon first hearing about them I madly went straight to their webisite - clicked to sign up only to find that at the time it wasn't available in Australia. "Never Mind" I thought, not the first time we Aussies miss out on such awesome services.

I continued to enjoy their frequent newsletters that would be emailed to me with cool little tips and interesting articles. Then one day recently I ventured back to their website, there it was a little Australia flag up in the corner when I logged in. To say I got a little excited would be an understatement.

How it Works

So now that we have established that they are available in the land 'down under' at last, lets take a look at what they are all about! Firstly, Tonx is all about delivering super freshly roasted coffee straight to your door on a regular basis - so not to leave you without yummy beans. There is two plans available, both which deliver every other week.

What appealed so much to me about Tonx was the fact that you get a variety of beans. They carefully select coffees from across the worlds growing regions and deliver you something different on a regular basis. This gives you access to a wide range of coffee, something that you would need to go looking for or invest time in sourcing from a range of different suppliers.

These guys are experts & coffee lovers, they know good coffee and on their website they give comprehensive brewing guides using all styles of brewing equipment to make sure you get the best out of your delicious beans. I like this, it tells me they are just as passionate if not more so, about coffee as the consumer.


You have the option of two subscriptions one is 'The Half Sack' $15 per shipment delivering a 6oz (approx. 170gm) bag every fortnight. Alternatively you can choose the 'The Standard' for $24 per shipment delivering a 12oz (approx. 350gm) bag every fortnight.

I am so excited to have something like this available to all the coffee drinkers in Australia, providing truly boutique specialist coffee in an easy subscription model. Try Tonx out for yourself now & get $5 off!